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The application for ISWI 2015 is finally opened!

We have great news for you. From now on, you can apply for participating in ISWI 2015. We are very sorry for the delay. Therefore, we extended the deadline for submitting the application to January, 10th 2015 (11:59 pm Central European Time)*. We wish you good luck and a successful application! The ISWI 2015 Organisation […]

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Jakob von Uexkull Founder of the Right Livelihood Award ('Alternative Nobel Prize') & Patron of ISWI 2015 (photo by Right Livelihood Award Foundation)

The patron of ISWI 2015: Jakob von Uexkull

We are very happy to announce that Jakob von Uexkull has taken over the patronage for ISWI 2015. As the founder of the ‘Right Livelihood Award’ (often referred to as the ‘Alternative Nobel Prize’) and the ‘World Future Council’ he has assumed responsibility to a large extent. Get to know more about Jakob von Uexkull […]

Meet Phil(ly), the sloth

Hi everyone, we finally decided for our mascot for ISWI 2015 – ta ta ta ta: it’s Phil or Philly, the sloth. A sloth!? For illustrating ‘responsibility’ and the slogan ‘dare to care’!? Sloths are maybe mostly known for being very slow and lazy. Of course, at the beginning, everyone is/was sceptical about that idea. […]

Poster of ISWI 2015

Assuming responsibility …

Dear future ISWI 2015 participants, everyday we are getting closer and closer to ISWI 2015. As you may know, we dedicate next year’s ISWI to the topic ‘responsibility’ and our motto is ‘dare to care’. But why did we decide for that particular topic? Find out more here.