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Thank you for ISWI 2015!

Dear Participants, Visitors, Organisation-Team, Groupleaders, Helpers, Photographers, Funders and Friends, The ISWI 2015 is over now! We had memorable ten days with you. All of you made ISWI 2015 possible and successful. Your work, your fun, your openness, your support, your help, your effort and commitment – that is what makes ISWI such an amazing […]

‘If we don’t abolish nuclear weapons, they will likely abolish us.’

Quote by Alyn Ware (30th May, Ilmenau) Alyn Ware’s passionated lecutre at 30th May about the danger of nuclear weapons inspired many participants of ISWI 2015. What can we do against the existence of nuclear weapons and why is it necessary to do something againt them? These and much more questions Ware answered in his […]

ISWI 2015 in Pictures

You are looking for impressions of ISWI 2015? Find all of them of Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/iswi/sets/ or follow us on Instagram: https://instagram.com/iswi_inc_society/ Photo by Tobias Boley.  

About 1500 visitors at Light for Change

Light in many varying kinds was shown at the light-event “Light for Change” on 3rd June at the Ehrenberg campus (Technische Universität Ilmenau). This event was organized to commemorate the International Year of Light (IOY) as sanctioned by the UNESCO, and it showcased the advancements of light technology in all its glory and highlighted the message […]

Bodo Ramelow about Responsiblity at ISWI 2015

The ISWI 2015 and Dies academicus had a special guest at the 3rd June: Thuringian Prime Minister, Bodo Ramelow. He gave a lecture about “Solidarity – collective responsibility”. In the lecture, spoken without notes, he wanted to show the challenges of modern communities. ISWI Inc Society is very delighted that Mr. Ramelow managed to come […]

Kasha Nabagesera at ISWI 2015

Iswi Inc Society have had the honour to welcome Kasha Nabagesera from Uganda at 2nd June. For the ISWI 2015 the LGBTI-activist gave a lecture about her experience in the fight for respect for the LGBTI-community. The full up lecture hall listened carefully to Nabagesera. In her lecture she spoke about the discrimination of lesbian, […]

Simulation Game ISWI 2015: Surviving with Geiger counter and deposit bottles

The world do not exist anymore the way we knew her. And what now? What do we have to do, if electricity is a scarce article and fresh fruits and vegetables just a desire? Rearranging the basics of life: That was the challenge for the participants of ISWI 2015 in the simulation game “Responsibility – […]

Stream the Opening Ceremony and Concert live!

  You can not join Opening Ceremony and Opening Concert of ISWI 2015? Then stream it live (Start: 7.30 pm Ceremony, 10.00 pm Concert) on: http://www.iswision.de/iswision2015/ ! Thanks to ISWISION and FEM! Your ISWI-Team

We ate, we laughed, we danced!

The third day of ISWI 2015 started with the International Brunch. The participants brought traditional dishes and appeared in garbs that were characteristic for their country. Many international students embraced the opportunity and performed some traditional dances. In a hilarious ambience we danced, sang and laughed together. Thank you for this amazing event and for […]

Introduction of ISWI 2015 with Alyn Ware and the Centre of Political Beauty

The lectures of Alyn Ware and the Centre of Political Beauty brought many visitors to the first Content-Events of ISWI 2015. Students from all over the world met on 30th May at Audimax, Technische Universität Ilmenau, to get in the topic of responsibility. Alyn Ware spoke about the danger of nuclear weapons. He shared his […]