Meet Phil(ly), the sloth

Poster of ISWI 2015Hi everyone, we finally decided for our mascot for ISWI 2015 – ta ta ta ta: it’s Phil or Philly, the sloth. A sloth!? For illustrating ‘responsibility’ and the slogan ‘dare to care’!? Sloths are maybe mostly known for being very slow and lazy. Of course, at the beginning, everyone is/was sceptical about that idea. At a first glance, bees or ants might suite better. But the longer we thought, the more we liked the idea of a sloth as a mascot. In fact, sloths are very strong animals with a hidden potential. Concerning that characteristic, it seems, that many people are similar to sloths. 😉 They have a hidden potential, they can get active and change the world. But they need a little push, they just have to ‘dare to care’. Furthermore, sloths seem to be very popular at the Internet 😀 Soon, you will hear more about and from Phil(ly). Stay tuned.