Simulation Game ISWI 2015: Surviving with Geiger counter and deposit bottles

The world do not exist anymore the way we knew her. And what now? What do we have to do, if electricity is a scarce article and fresh fruits and vegetables just a desire?

Rearranging the basics of life: That was the challenge for the participants of ISWI 2015 in the simulation game “Responsibility – Step by Step”. Because of the continuing rain the simulation game took place at the canteen at Technische Universität of Ilmenau. All tables and chairs were removed from all four canteen floors and replaced by many different stages. The stages were passed by the groups.

So the participants had the chance to learn first aid. Therefore gurneys were set up, doctor statists hired and medical gadgets lent. Other extras acted as casualties and waited to be vet. So the groups could train their new knowledge.

Additionally many technical and scientific gadgets were acquired. These included a Geiger counter and slightly radioactive watches, which were hidden everywhere.
Also Georg Hoehne presented his vertical garden. In an imaginary world, where cities and nature are destroyed, the participants should imagine, how they can obtain fresh groceries by using the few simple things that are left.
So a garden was built by potting soil, plants and deposit bottles.

Altogether the simulation game had about 30 helpers, also an extra, called the “Mad Doctor”.